Mia: Mia is pregnant and uncomfortable.  Her first baby, a girl, is due in late May.  She works from home as a freelance writer and editor and has no idea how she’s going to juggle work with a baby.  Until then, she’s living in blissful ignorance.  She’ll likely update this when she’s losing her mind.


Georgina: Georgina is a single mum of one.  She also works from home as a freelance writer and editor and took the plunge into the self-employment world when her daughter Olivia started school.  With a crazy family, an even crazier ex and a non-existent love life, Georgina has plenty of stories to tell!


Louise: Louise is a single mother of three kidults, a freelance writer and editor. The eldest bogged off to Australia when she was 19, the middle child is at uni, and the youngest is learning some #lifeskills in southeast Asia. Louise quite likes living on her own. She’s had enough of bloody men and their intensely irritating habits. Frankly, cats and dogs are lot less hassle and you would have to pay Louise a shit load of money to give Tinder a try. And if she does? Well, you will be the first to hear about it!