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Pregnancy Me Time: 5 Ways I Love to Chill Out

Pregnancy is uncomfortable.  Like, seriously uncomfortable.  And despite wanting a baby more than she wants chocolate most days, Mia’s getting a bit fed up of not being able to do the things she used to be able to do before said child implanted in her uterus.  And she doesn’t mean drinking or going out on late nights’ out (she never did those things anyway), she means actually being able to walk up and down the stairs without feeling like she’s going to keel over, or sleeping without being punched Mike Tyson style throughout the night.

So during the day, when Mia’s had enough of feeling like an elephant with asthma, she tries to find ways to relax.  This isn’t easy when she has a busy schedule of freelance work ahead of her, but most days she finds a way to make it work.  Below is a list of Mia’s favourite ways to chill out.

1. Bubble Bath

From exhaustion, to back pain, to trouble walking up the stairs, Mia’s usually had enough by 6pm.  One of her favourite ways to relax is in a bubble bath, ideally with a bath bomb from Lush, but she’s not overly picky.  She knows there are some people that say you shouldn’t take a bath while pregnant, but she made sure to do her research and discovered that as long as the water isn’t too hot, she can soak her bloated body in a bath as often as she likes.  So she does, daily, and it makes her feel better.  The only time she struggles is getting in and out, so Fred may be called upon for assistance before too long.

2. Gaming

Mia has been an avid gamer ever since she was little.  From the Commodore 64 to the Amiga, the Sega Master System to the Xbox One, barely a week has passed where she hasn’t spent at least a few hours in some imaginary world.  With only four months left before her life changes for good, Mia’s been gaming as much as she can.  She’s been setting off nukes in Fallout 76, managing an array of ridiculous diseases in Two Point Hospital, and sailing the seas with her nephew in Sea of Thieves.  Any tips for how to find the time to game with a baby are most welcome.

3. Online Shopping

Mia has four months to go until Willow arrives, give or take, but she’s already completed most of her baby shopping.  The items she loves buying the most are baby clothes.  They’re so tiny, and cute, and so soft when they arrive that she just can’t get enough of them… which is weird, as Mia’s not exactly into fashion herself.  In fact, while writing this post, she’s wearing in a pair of maternity dungarees, an old scuba diving jumper, and a pair of odd socks.  But baby clothes are different, and it’s way too easy to shop for new items when she can’t sleep.  It’s become one of her favourite hobbies.

4. Delegating and Napping

Poor Fred.  With Mia working long hours, he’s always had to do a lot around the house, but since she’s been pretty much confined to the sofa, he’s had to do even more than usual.  He doesn’t seem to mind, and actually seems to be in his element, sorting out the house, re-arranging furniture, and, in his spare time, researching health baby food recipes and ordering copious amounts of Tupperware to store Mia’s purchases.  Mia’s been delegating quite a bit at work too.  When she’s overly exhausted, she asks others to help her.  It’s been hard to pass so much of her work to other people, but she’s got to come to terms with it at some point, so why not now?  She spends much of her free time napping.

5. Reading

Mia goes through stages with reading.  Sometimes she’ll binge everything she can get her hands on, while sometimes she has tons more ‘better’ things to be getting on with.  Of late, she’s been reading A LOT.  Mia tried reading some pregnancy books, but most just scared her, so she’s been sticking to fiction and true-life prison stories.  She was tempted to start the fourth Game of Thrones novel, but knew she’d probably still be struggling through it by the time Willow arrives.  Her latest book is Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed.

Mia would love to hear what other pregnant mums do to relax so feel free to share in the comments below.

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