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Things No-One Tells You About the Week After Birth

My beautiful baby girl Willow was born a week ago today, and perhaps surprisingly, adjusting to having a new little member of the family hasn't been as difficult as I'd envisioned.  There have, however, been a few things happen that I didn't expect. The Blood Loss is Ridiculous Okay so I knew I'd bleed during the birth - I've seen enough episodes of One Born Every Minute to know that this is pretty much standard.  But the blood loss afterwards?  Jesus. 
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How to Survive When Your Child Has Chicken Pox

So chicken pox seems to be going around where I live at the moment, and it basically means you have to stay at home and try not to climb the walls for days on end.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips to help you survive when your child inevitably catches the virus. Calamine cream and antihistamine First off, you have probably heard that calamine lotion is the go-to remedy to stop the scratching, but did you know
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Why I Shipped My Teenager Off to Southeast Asia

When I was a teenager, my friends and I spent a lot of time shopping, reading magazines, and hanging out at each other’s houses talking about horses, boys, and clothes. We didn’t spend much time watching TV, staring at a smartphone, or sitting immobile in front of a computer. My son, Dylan, is typical of his generation. He lives for computer games and, some days, I barely get two words out of him, one of which is invariably “hungry!”. I
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Why I Think Single Mothers Need More Rights

So, before you read the headline and scream fathers’ rights in my face, let me tell you my story.  Just over four years ago, I made what at the time was an extremely difficult decision.  Being subjected to emotional, physical and verbal abuse, mostly fuelled by alcohol, I had to decide between staying with my ex so that my daughter did not go through the upset of her parents living apart or taking her out of the situation and