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How to Survive When Your Child Has Chicken Pox

So chicken pox seems to be going around where I live at the moment, and it basically means you have to stay at home and try not to climb the walls for days on end.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips to help you survive when your child inevitably catches the virus. Calamine cream and antihistamine First off, you have probably heard that calamine lotion is the go-to remedy to stop the scratching, but did you know
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5 Simple Remedies for Oily Hair

Oily hair is the worst.  It's something that you're supposed to leave behind in your teenage years, along with acne, inappropriate crushes, and bad grades.  But what if you're like me and outwardly look like a teenager in an adult's body?  (Just to clarify - I don't look young - although I did get ID'd for paracetamols at Sainsbury's the other day - I just never managed to shed the acne and grease like most of my friends).  Well,
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5 Ways to Manage Freelance Work Stress When Pregnant

Mia's been having a pretty hard time of it lately.  Although she works from home, a large part of her job involves managing freelancers, and because of this, she has to be available during different time zones to deal with the ridiculous emergencies that get thrown her way.  Unfortunately, what is classed as an emergency is often downright bizarre, and can involve someone's great, great granddaughter who lives in another state suddenly needing a ride to the hospital because
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The First Trimester – It’s a Bit Shit Innit

Before Mia found out she was pregnant, her and Fred had been trying for a baby for two years.  During that time, she dreamed about what it would be like to be pregnant.  Completely oblivious, she assumed she'd love it, she'd have the amazing pregnancy glow that all the celebrities talked about, and she got angry whenever anyone who actually *was* pregnant complained about it.  Like hello, they were complaining about things she would have killed to experience! She takes