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Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Girl Who Has Everything

Eek!  You have two days left until Valentine's Day, and even if your girlfriend/wife/fiancee/partner/whatever you want to call her says she doesn't want a gift, you can bet she'll be disappointed if you don't buy her at least something.  While roses and chocolates are the easy option (and something that many girls are still happy to receive - myself included), sometimes it can be nice to buy something a little more personal. But ahmagawd you have two days, you're at
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How to Survive Social Events When You are Single

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I have spent a fair few years being single. During some of those years, I was in an ill-advised relationship with a man who wasn’t single, so the rest of the world assumed I was unattached. To all intents and purposes, I was unattached. It’s not like we spent any significant holidays together and he barely remembered who I was between assignations. Because of this, I am well used to being the only single person at social events. It doesn’t
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Louise’s Tips for a Hot Holiday Romance

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For the first time ever, I am going on holiday on my own. Yes, in a few short weeks, I’m heading off to Wales for a quiet no-frills break in a holiday cottage by the sea. It will be just me and my dog. I’m looking forward to a week of no work, no hassle, and plenty of long walks on the beach. Last year, me, my ex, my dad, and my two younger kids went to Scotland. It was
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How to Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man – Relationship Tips from Louise

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Emotionally unavailable men are not always easy to spot, which is why millions of women fall for their charms, only to discover weeks, months, (or even years!) down the line that the man they have developed strong feelings for is utterly incapable of returning the sentiment. Basically, any kind of relationship with an emotionally unavailable man is a road to heartbreak for no matter how much you want him to change, he can’t because he has the emotional depth
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What Happened When I Joined the Online Dating World

Having had two long term relationships pretty much back to back, I said to myself that I was going to stay single for at least two years before I even contemplated dipping my toes back into the world of dating.  (Just so you know, that two years has turned into four, my social life is non-existent, and I’m beginning to think I may die a lonely 94-year-old cat lady). I digress.  Those first two years were spent focusing on
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Breakups: The Good, The Bad, and the Very Ugly

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Like most people, I’ve been through a fair few relationship breakups. It’s never pretty, but some were worse than others. It's Not You, It's Me... My last relationship ended seven months ago. We were together five years and it was me who decided it was over. I had a lot of reasons for doing this. If you asked my friends, they would say I should have done it 4.5 years sooner. But we all get there in our own time. I
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Why I Think Single Mothers Need More Rights

So, before you read the headline and scream fathers’ rights in my face, let me tell you my story.  Just over four years ago, I made what at the time was an extremely difficult decision.  Being subjected to emotional, physical and verbal abuse, mostly fuelled by alcohol, I had to decide between staying with my ex so that my daughter did not go through the upset of her parents living apart or taking her out of the situation and